Architectural project

The building that is home to the UC Innovation Center is an important innovation itself, both due to its architectural conception and to its engineering. With an original geometry and an inside space structured around a transparent line granted by the central atrium, which visually relates the different floors while providing natural light, the building is intended to become an important icon in our capital city.


From its architectural conception, this building was thought of as one to be very different from any other. According to Alfonso Gómez, Executive President of the Center, “it is an iconic and emblematic space that aims at deepening and accelerating the shaping of a new culture within the university and that is designed in such a way, that from any location on a floor it is impossible not to interact with what is going on elsewhere on the same floor”.

The architectural project of the building was in the charge of UC Architect, Alejandro Aravena. The structural engineering was executed by SIRVE company.

In its 9,000 m2, 11 floors above the ground and 3 underground floors, the Center is intended to be a benchmark of our country’s effort to promote our people’s creative capacity, as well as to develop productive capacities with high knowledge aggregation, thus allowing for contributing to lay the foundation for a country that is less dependent on its commodities and more diversified in its capacity to create value and contribute to improve the quality of life of its citizens.