About the Center

The Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center is a space conceived to promote a pro innovation and entrepreneurship ecology which is open to all faculties of our University. Conceived as a multidisciplinary and generalist center, it embraces both innovation projects and entrepreneurship initiatives of high economic, social and cultural impact.

The Center aspires to make a very significant contribution to our society, helping to bring together a fruitful interaction among higher education, private sector and public sector.


From a conceptual point of view, the function of the Center has been defined around “inspiring, connecting and orchestrating innovation and entrepreneurship in society”. Its job includes the important dimension of academic training in the fields of its competence.

The Center is a key element for compliance with the mission of Pontificia Universidad Católica which aspires to achieve excellence in the creation and transference of knowledge and in the education of people, inspired on a Catholic conception and always at the service of the Church and society.

Most of the projects to be developed in the Center will be of a multidisciplinary nature, thus reflecting that the space is open to all of the university’s faculties, whether scientific, technological, artistic or humanist. This allows for covering topics like energy, aging, waters, education, astroengineering, food and other topics, with the multiplicity of perspectives both society and the planet demand nowadays.

“A space of inspiration, connection and orchestration. A bridge among the University, the business world and the public sector”