From its formulation as a project, the Center included the installation of a number of representatives of the productive sector, as a way of encouraging the generation of networks and the relationship among the different actors that occupy this space. An important number of prominent and renowned national and multinational companies are sheltered in it.

The Center establishes a business model based on memberships, which results in the presence of a select group of companies, among which two different kinds are distinguished.

Gold Membership

The companies that are physically installed in the building are characterized by proposing a project that must comply with certain objectives, like adding value to what the Center and the University are doing, to the company as such and to society in general. They must develop an initiative that has a high impact on their environment.

The Center contributes to strengthen the connection between the company and the University in common areas of interest and, then, to identify the company’s needs or the challenges it faces and assess the University’s capacities to support it with specialized assistance.


Copper Membership

The companies that have this membership intend to become the largest network of entities working in relation to innovation. It is pursued to support the creation of a pro-innovation culture within the entity and bring them closer to knowledge and the capacities of the University with the purpose of exploring high-potential innovation projects.