Centro de Innovación UC

Inspiring, connecting and orchestrating innovation


The Center fosters a pro-innovation and entrepreneurship culture and environment at the University and in Chile, through meetings, networking and the promotion of joint projects between academia, the private sector and the public sector.

Through the excellence of the Universidad Católica, it seeks to inspire, empower and spread the capabilities of its different faculties, to face challenges in a spirit of collaboration. It contributes by articulating innovation policies that include companies, academia and the public sector, seeking to improve people’s quality of life in a sustainable manner.


The construction of the Centro de Innovación UC was made possible through a significant donation of USD $ 15 million from the Grupo Angelini, at the beginning of its development and the strategic project. Today, the Center is self-financed.


Board of Directors

Pedro Bouchon

UC Vice president for Research and President of the Board of Directors

Patricio Donoso

Provost for Institutional Management

Eduardo Navarro

CEO of Empresas Copec

Alfonso Gómez

Company Director

Joaquín Cruz

CEO of Abastible

Julie Mcpherson

Executive Director of Artemis Chile

Raúl Ciudad

President and CEO of Coasin Chile S.A

Cristóbal Undurraga

CEO of Aguamarina

Senior Management Team

Ramón Molina

Executive Director

Alex Parnas

Director for Entrepreneurship

Jorge O’Ryan

Director for Development Managing

Marcela Briones

Deputy Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Francisco Pizarro

Deputy Director of Sponsored Research

Sebastián Marín

Deputy Director of Innovation Culture and Management

Claudia Bonilla

Deputy Director of Management, Finances and Operations

Trinidad Álvarez

Deputy Director of Data & Studies

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Impact Reports

Impact Report 2015 - 2016

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Impact Report 2017 - 2018

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