The building that houses the UC Innovation Center is an important innovation itself, both because of its architectonic conception and its engineering.

With its original geometry and an inside structured around a transparent column generated by the central atrium, which relates floors on a visual basis, delivering natural light, the building is bound to become an important icon in our capital city.

Architect Alejandro Aravena was in charge of the architectonic project of the building.

Its structural engineering was executed by SIRVE.

It has 9,000 m2, 11 floors and 3 underground floors.

Inside the building, there are many meeting spaces distributed on different floors, which will be devoted to generating and promoting interaction among researchers, professors, entrepreneurs, productive sector representatives, and all those linked to innovation and entrepreneurship.


2015 London Design of the year

2015 London Design of the year

The Design Museum of London awarded the building, the 11-storey concrete structure installed on Campus San Joaquín, with the “2015 Design of the Year” award.

2016 Pritzker

2016 Pritzker

Known as the “Nobel of Architecture”, the award was granted to architect Alejandro Aravena in the 2016 version, becoming awardee number 41 and the first Chilean to receive the prize.