Jump Chile

The largest university entrepreneurship program in the country

About the program

Jump Chile is a business model acceleration academy focused on higher education students, in the pursuit of forging a new generation of entrepreneurs, who will be change agents in their different cities and institutions, transforming local problems into global impact opportunities.

An initiative of the UC Innovation Center, with the support of SURA Asset Management Chile.

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Winning entrepreneurships


Calls made

USD$4.5 MM

Millions granted

Frequently asked questions

Who may apply?

All undergraduate and postgraduate students from universities, technical education centers and professional institutes in Chile and Latin America who have an idea and are eager to undertake a venture.

What kind of ideas may be presented?

Ideas in any field of knowledge that respond to a problem or opportunity by means of an innovative service or product that creates value and makes an impact.

What does the support consist in?

Entrepreneurial education and methodologies, in addition to 45 million pesos (CLP) to be divided among the 12 teams that make it to the end.

How can I participate?

To apply you only need an idea and a team of 2 to 6 people, including undergraduate and/or postgraduate students. The identified problem/opportunity, solution proposal and team will be evaluated.


Jump Chile celebra sus 10 años y abre convocatoria para emprendedores universitarios de Chile y Latinoamérica

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