Alfonso Gómez

Executive President

Conrad von Igel


Marcela Briones

Assistant Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs

Natalia Moncada

Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship

Jaime Contreras

Assistant Director of Contents

Claudia Bonilla

Assistant Director of Management, Finance and Operations

Gloria Maldonado

Assistant Director of Corporate R&D

Sofía Contrucci

Key Account Manager

María Paz Achurra

Key Account Manager

Arianis García

Key Account Manager

(Español) Karina Valenzuela

(Español) Key Account Manager

Alejandra Maturana


Manuel Galdames

Marketing Coordinator based in Science and Technology

María Belén Bravo

Media and Social Media

Verónica Martínez

Contract Research Coordinator, Energy Industry

Pía Larrondo

Contract Research Coordinator, Food Industry

Pamela Navarrete

Contract Research Coordinator, Mining Industry

Romina Hidalgo

Contract Research Coordinator

Felipe González

Coordinator - Jump Chile

Natacha Marini

Coordinator - BRAIN Chile

Stefan Pribnow

Coordinator - Hub Global

Hans Schlechter

Accelerator Manager - Entrepreneurship

Marta García-Huidobro

Alliances and Scouting - Entrepreneurship

Blanca Moreira

Administrator of Coworking

Yasna Pardo

Projects Coordinator

Andrés González

Coordinator of R&D&i Thesis and Internships Insertion in Industry

Paloma Gaona

Information and Financial Management Coordinator

Mario Reyes

Research Coordinator

Jesabel Romero

Administration and Finance

Pamela Silva

Marketing and Events

Carolina Ávila

Entrepreneurship Analyst

Cynthia Maturana

Contents Professional

Evelyn Poblete

Coordinator - SINLIMITES

Nelson Álvarez

Head of Infrastructure and Operations

Sandra Yáñez


Ana Cecilia Gómez


Jaime Romero

Services Assistant

Tony del Valle

Services Assistant

Carlos Alberto Rueda

Services Assistant