Our Alliances

The UC Innovation Center Anacleto Angelini believes working together is important. Innovation must serve the country and that is why it has developed the following alliances.

Red Innovación Chile

Network of institutions working collaboratively to address Chile's problems through innovation, strengthening their abilities across the nation's institutions and citizens. In addition to posing innovation challenges that align with Chile's demands, the institutions are encouraged to identify their own needs and work together with other network members to find solutions.


3xi is an initiative founded by five organizations, which assembled around the need to design, promote and carry out meetings between people from different backgrounds, sensibilities and fields of action, united around the commitment to improve mutual trust in our society.


ELAN Program (European and Latin American Business Services and Innovation Network) is a EU initiative that seeks to increase and diversify the EU economic presence in Latin America by meeting the Latin America demand for knowledge and innovative Technology.

Pharu Analytics

A strategic alliance aimed at providing organizations with a methodology and tools to advise how to manage and capture data, and most importantly, how to channel it to optimize the benefits of using these technologies.


A strategic alliance that seeks through the successful collaboration with startups, to provide organizations with a methodology and a set of acceleration tools for innovation processes.

Businesses that have worked with us


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