More than 10 years of experience, accompanying organizations in solving their innovation challenges, through the link with UC capabilities, the connection with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and orchestration of strategic projects between the academy and the industry.

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How do we help you?

We evaluate the capabilities to manage innovation in your organization in five dimensions. Based on the gaps detected, we support you in creating a route that allows you to install capabilities, enhance your innovation challenges with UC talent, connect with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and be part of strategic projects aimed at solving the challenges of the future.

We have identified five transversal dimensions that systematize the path to innovation: Strategy, Culture, Organizational Capacities, Ecosystem and Associativity and Activities for innovation. Each dimension plays a fundamental role in being able to evaluate and understand the maturity, gaps or latent challenges that organizations have to innovate.

Five dimensions for innovation

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If we picture a pyramid, the strategy enables the organization to focus its resources and efforts on areas that generate the greatest impact. The innovation strategy has to be aligned with the business strategy.

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Organizational skills

Organizational skills are fundamental to transform ideas into practical and profitable solutions. These skills can be specific to the company or can be leveraged externally.

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Innovation culture

Culture provides the fundamental stability for the organization’s functioning and the effective development of innovation processes, because it is strictly related to how people working in the company think and act. It includes the values, attitudes, and installed practices that inspire and promote innovation throughout the company.

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Innovation activities

Specific actions that the company carries out to develop and implement new ideas, products, services or processes.

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Ecosystem and associativity

The creation of links with other actors allows to increase the skills that the company requires to innovate. Cooperation activities, open innovation, relationship with disruptive ventures, public financing and links with the academic world.

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