Ecosystem and associativity

The creation of links with other actors allows to increase the skills that the company requires to innovate. Cooperation activities, open innovation, relationship with disruptive ventures, public financing and links with the academic world.

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How is a company a Leader in Ecosystem and Associativity?


  • As a result of the association, the company develops activities and skills for innovation which benefit it both internally and externally.
  • The company is linked to the innovation ecosystem, collaborating and participating in activities with other organizations.
  • The company is up to date with the latest technological and knowledge developments in the ecosystem.
  • The company develops open innovation and links with disruptive ventures for the development of innovation.


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Research and Development (R&D) Projects

We use the skills and talents of academics and the infrastructure of the University's laboratory for the development of new products and services, to model, optimize and improve processes according to the organization's requirements.

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Open Innovation

This program provides a methodology and a set of tools for organizations to accelerate their innovation processes through the effective collaboration with startups.

Program implemented in alliance with the Imagine Group.

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For the UC Innovation Center Anacleto Angelini, it is essential to work together. Innovation must be at the service of the country and, therefore, it generates alliances to encourage the ecosystem.

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Building Ecosystem

There are several meeting spaces in the building which are distributed on different floors and aim to generate and promote interactions between researchers, academics, entrepreneurs, representatives of the productive sector and whoever is linked to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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