Organizational skills

Organizational skills are fundamental to transform ideas into practical and profitable solutions. These skills can be specific to the company or can be leveraged externally.

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How is a company a Leader in Organizational skills?


  • The innovation projects in the company’s portfolio have a clear definition of goals, resources, stages, protocols and responsibilities, which increases the probability of success.
  • The company learns from each innovation project, incorporating the acquired experience in every future initiative.
  • The company has an adequate organizational structure for innovation management and also leverages external capabilities according to its needs.


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Research and Development (R&D) Projects

We use the skills and talents of academics of the university’s laboratory infrastructure to develop new products and services, model, optimize and improve processes, according to the requirements of the organization.

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Connecting with UC talent

We connect companies and startups with the talent of undergraduate and graduate students from Universidad Católica through a 15-week internship for the development of innovation challenges.

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Prototyping skills and methodologies

Through the program, you will be able to incorporate an agile work culture and install skills in the organization while developing real prototypes. Participants will be able to train in the use of concrete tools to design products, services and testing.

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Product and/or service design

Development or consulting of technological and methodological solutions related to the design and prototyping of products and services (both in tangible and digital objects or product-service systems).

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Corporate Mentors

Based on the experience of the Centro de Innovación UC’s own Mentoring Network, a unique certification program has been designed to transfer knowledge, share best practices and train mentors of the network in Business Mentoring techniques and skills (from mentors to mentors).

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