Innovation culture

Culture provides the fundamental stability for the organization’s functioning and the effective development of innovation processes, because it is strictly related to how people working in the company think and act. It includes the values, attitudes, and installed practices that inspire and promote innovation throughout the company.

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How is a company a Leader in Culture?


  • The company has a basic organizational culture that supports the development of innovation.
  • The company is ambidextrous, exploiting its capabilities for business continuity while exploring new market opportunities.
  • The company and its employees are flexible and have the capacity to adapt quickly, and there are high levels of cooperation between the different areas or departments.


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"Entry Level" Program in Innovation and Sustainability

A 100% asynchronous training program which delivers on a transversal level, basic concepts to the organization, in topics associated with innovation management and strategy, ecosystem and associativity, digital transformation and sustainability.

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Training Programs

We design learning programs with an applied and practical approach that facilitate innovation processes and install capabilities in organizations and their collaborators, adding value to their management and their capacity to innovate systematically.

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Online Diploma in Innovation

The diploma enables students to skillfully handle the main concepts and innovation management tools, and to identify the different strategies that companies can implement to generate efficient and productive innovation processes.
A joint initiative of the Centro de Innovación UC, the School of Engineering and Executive Class of the Pontificia Universidad Católica.

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