If we picture a pyramid, the strategy enables the organization to focus its resources and efforts on areas that generate the greatest impact. The innovation strategy has to be aligned with the business strategy.

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What does a strategy-leading company look like?


  • Innovation is embedded as a fundamental pillar for the company’s growth and performance.
  • Innovation is formalized through policies, commitments and clear goals regarding its development, aligned with the business strategy, and it is transversal to the entire organization.
  • Innovation is driven from the top management of the enterprise, which is involved and provides concrete support for its development.


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Strategic Support

This service is developed in alliance with AUKAN, strategic consultant of Innovation of DICTUC, which belongs to the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Católica de Chile. With its assistance we help you to define the strategic basis for your innovation plan, in addition to providing a guide for the roadmap design based on the strategic needs of the organization.

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In Company Module

Training programs designed under a modular logic of classes and workshops which are adaptable to different needs and specific challenges. The programs have a 3-axis methodology: conceptual, experimental and practical.

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Technological surveillance

This service consists of a continuous review of patents of a specific technology that are published worldwide, including the technological productivity of a specific business that is relevant in R&D&i worldwide.
Finally, recommendations are given to the company on the technologies that are at the forefront of R&D&i.

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Business Analytics Skill Diagnostic

A service developed in partnership with Pharu Analytics, aiming to analyze the capabilities that the organization has to develop and implement Business Analytics to meet its strategic objectives.

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