Brain Chile

Science-technology based entrepreneurship acceleration program

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About the program

Brain Chile is an acceleration program for science-technology based entrepreneurships originated in national and international higher education institutions. The general objective of the program in adding economic, environmental and social value to the country and the world, towards stages closer to the market.

An initiative driven by the Anacleto Angelini UC Innovation Center, the School of Engineering and Universidad Católica’s Transference and Development Department, together with Banco Santander.

Call open until May 29!

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Supported entrepreneurships


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Millions granted (CLP)

Frequently asked questions

Who may apply?

Teams including undergraduate and postgraduate (master’s and PhD) students, professors and/or researchers, studying or working in national and international higher education institutions.

What kind of projects?

All science-technology based projects that have applied their research and have laboratory results, proofs of concept and/or prototypes proving their technical feasibility. Level 3-5 as per Technology Readiness Level (TRL).

What does the support consist in?

We have $64,000,000 (CLP) capital to divide. We also grant access to working spaces, laboratories and fab labs, specialized mentors and entrepreneurship training.

How can I participate?

To apply you only need a science-technology based project and at least one person in the team connected to a higher education institution as a student, researcher and/or professor.

Do you want more information about this program?

Send us a message through the form and we will respond as soon as possible.